Wan't To Model Awesome 3d Furniture And Sell It On Turbosquid?

Have you ever wanted to make some extra cash selling 3d models on Turbosquid? Or, maybe you just want to know how to make stunning 3d furniture for your own projects using 3dsMax and Vray. Either way, you should check out my latest newsletter. The coupon I was offering there has unfortunately run out, however, I have made a new coupon available for readers of this blog. If you follow the links to the 3dsMax and Vray course, and apply the coupon code "3d10", you can still get the course for cheap, even while the list price is going up.

I am adding new lectures regularly to try and equip you with all the techniques necessary for making the BEST 3d furniture available. Read through the newsletter to get all the details, previews of the techniques, and necessary links / info.




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