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Modeling Perfect Furniture in 3dsMax and Vray : Retopo Tools In 3dsMax

I recently created a 3dsMax + Vray course that takes the student from beginning to end on a high-poly furniture project. The course teaches you to model high-end furniture from scratch, the kind you see in high end architectural visualization projects. It has been kind of a quest of mine to model the ultimate furniture in 3dsMax. I am always learning new tools, but there is much more to learn. Here is a preview from the course, where you can see the model and some of my custom textures being painted.

FYI, the course is currently discounted, and you can get the "learnArchViz" discount here, if you are interested. (3 hours of training with bonus info about selling your furniture online).

If you are interested in learning how to model furniture, and possibly sell it online, this is a good class to get in on, and also a good time. Right now it is cheap, but I am going to be adding more advanced info in the coming months. The price will be going up, but if you get in now you will have access to everything for no extra cost. Any video that is there now, or in the future, is available on demand for life. Right now it only costs 7 bucks!

Anyway, this post isn't about selling the class, although it is a good deal. What I wanted to discuss is the advanced information that I will be adding in the future. In this Vray course so far, I have used mostly 3dsMax standard poly-modeling tools, but I want to also work in a Mudbox workflow. An important part of that workflow will be retopo tools. Fortunately, we have some really nice ones available right inside of 3dsMax. Here is a great series of videos to demonstrate. Check this out, and get excited about the possibilities for making some awesome, organic furniture.

Sign up for the class now and you will get all my upcoming lectures, and see how to work these techniques into your workflow. Here are the videos:

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