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Photoshop For Architectural Visualization Course: Using Vray Render Elements To Create Perfect Selec

This quick video is just a snippet of an upcoming course called "Learn Photoshop for Architectural Visualization." The full course will be a complete overview on how to maximize Photoshop's capabilities for post-processing architectural renderings. This particular lecture is a brief demonstration of the VRay multimatte render element. This render element makes it possible to easily create perfect selection sets for any object or material in your scene, or all of them at once if you so desire. This can be a powerful tool for editing your images, as it gives you complete control during the post-processing. Photoshop is an important part of the rendering process, and good Photoshop can make all the difference in creating an architectural visualization project that really stands out.

Stay tuned, and watch this blog for the discount introductory price. COMING SOON!

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