Happy Holidays! Unwrap The Links Below To Receive A Great Gift

December 10, 2015



Hey guys!  I'm giving away my 3dsMax, Vray, and Photoshop classes away for next to nothing this holiday season.  Here is the deal:


- Each class has at least 4 coupons available, so you have to grab them quick

- Each class is highly discounted, but you won't know how much until you click on it (up to 90%)

- Anyone can use these coupons, even if they are not members of this site


Here are the links:


3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs
3ds Max + V-Ray: PRO material workflow
3ds Max Advanced Modeling
Photoshop: Learn Photoshop for 3d Rendering
Photoshop: Learn the Basics of Photoshop CC in 2 hrs
Photoshop: Learn the Basics of Digital Painting

*Click on any of the links to see the holiday price, and see if there are any coupons still available.  Enjoy!  ?(There is at least 4 coupons available per course)

Happy Holidays

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