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Model Perfect Wrinkled Cushions & Furniture With Marvelous Designer and 3ds Max

If you want to model cushions and other furniture with perfect wrinkles in 3ds Max, it can be very hard. I have other videos showing how to do that using the cloth modifier.

I have tried for a long time to figure a better workflow, that gives you the wrinkles easily, but also maintains great topology for your models. This technique maintains good quads, edge loops and UVW mapping. It is a similar effect to what you see modeled on sites like This technique starts with a very basic model in 3ds Max, fully unwrapped in the simplest of ways. If you are lost for that part, see my other video regarding UVW unwrapping using the basic 3ds Max tools.

From there, you can take the model into Marvelous Designer, where the new tools for Marvelous Designer 8 make it very easy to turn that basic model into a soft cushion. You can import the model as an avatar, and as a garment generated from the simple unwrap that we have done. Then, with some simple 3d sewing fixes (new for MD8), we immediately simulate in Marvelous Designer.

Once we have our simulations done in Marvelous Designer, we can come back into Max and use the retopo tools, specifically the conform brush, to turn our simulation into something that is much cleaner and editable. Once we have that we can add some finer details through basic poly modeling. In the end we should end up with a super clean, wrinkled cushion or piece of furniture that wasn't that hard to create. The hardest part is figuring out the proper workflow, and that is what I will lay out here in this tutorial. This is a perfect way to add more organic detail to your scenes, specifically for your arch viz furniture.

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