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Collaborate Virtually, Inside Your Project With Xuver

Use Xuver to bring your 3D designs to life in the browser, and share them!

When you work with 3D modelling software, bringing your client up to speed can be difficult. All too often, the client doesn’t quite understand the model and it takes time to schedule meetings to explain your design choices to them. Available visualization options, such as sending renders (time-consuming and expensive) or getting your clients to download free versions of your design software (difficult for the layman) are far from ideal.

Xuver is the world’s first in-browser viewer for 3D drawings, which makes viewing, communicating and sharing your models incredibly easy! For a project that involves frequent updates to a nontechnical client, such as designing a brand-new house, it’s a tool that will bring everyone up to speed without breaking a sweat. Viewings can be arranged remotely, the only thing that is needed is an internet connection. As you are now able to meet your clients online, this will cut your travelling times by about 50%, saving you time.

Xuver is a quick in-browser visualization…

Xuver shows your SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Revit or IFC 3D model directly inside the browser, after a quick and incredibly easy convert into a .xr-file. This is a file format that is compatible with the Xuver’s Backend system. This file can be uploaded and in seconds, the 3D visualization is ready. Your 3D model is now ready to be shared by sending an HTML link to your clients.

Communication all in one platform!

Everyone you invite can access the model and walk around in it with their very own 3D avatar. This nifty addition adds scale and dimension to the model, so even a layman can understand what the project is going to look like. With the built-in voice module, you can communicate with your clients and update them about their project. And then there are many other features to make communication easy. Such as the laser pointer that is used to point at anything inside the model. Or the possibility to make section cuts, as well as the option to show and hide different layers in the model.

A complete in-browser solution for the modern architect or 3D designer

The user-friendliness and the ease with which to upload and share your own 3D models make Xuver a very complete in-browser platform. Multi-user visualization inside the browser wasn’t yet available in this manner of interactivity. Therefore, Xuver is a must-have for anyone who wants to show their designs within moments; as it works in the browser you are not bound geographical boundaries. That means you can now take on projects in different countries or even continents.

Where to get Xuver

You can start using Xuver by going to the website and registering for a free trial, after this you can get started right away. The platform can be used with SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD or IFC files as a source and is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

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