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D5 Render for ArchViz? Is This The Best Solution for Real Time Rendering?

A few weeks ago, I made a video all about the perfect archviz workflow, and what elements I think it needed. One of the elements was some software that iterate quickly and generate real time renderings/animations of a project. If you have worked in archviz, you know how necessary this can be to meet the needs of demanding architects and clients. I have mentioned tools for this such as: Chaos Vantage, Twinmotion, Lumion and Enscape. Of course, many people commented that I had missed one -- D5 Render. So, I thought I better check it out and see what is up. See my initial reactions, review, thoughts, and a complete complete project in D5 by checking out the video below...

*Don't forget to grab the .fbx file HERE if you would like to experiment in D5 as well. Enjoy!

I tried D5 Render For The First Time, & This Is How It Went...


00:00 Intro

00:47 Overview | How Could D5 Fit Into My Workflow?

02:00 Exporting from 3ds Max to D5 Render

02:50 Download My .FBX

03:43 Look around D5 UI and import model

05:00 Start applying materials

10:20 Adding objects to scene

11:14 Camera Adjustments

13:30 Exterior lighting adjustments

13:50 Adjust Wind and Weather

14:30 Outputting Final Results

14:50 Results Reveal

15:15 My Final Analysis

18:30 What do you think of D5? Will you use it in your archviz workflow?


Perfect Archviz Workflow:

Chaos Vantage Analysis:


I have received a lot of questions on my videos about D5 Render. You can find the product here:

So, I thought I better check it out. I went in completely blind on this video, and hadn't tried D5 before. In fact, I had hardly even heard of it. Well, let's just say that my mind was changed throughout the making of this video. I learned and discovered many interesting things about this product during my experimentation, which you can watch in the video.

Now, you know I have many thoughts about workflows, software, etc., and also that I am a Vray guy at heart. That said, I tried to keep an open mind. And besides, there is room for other tools within my professional archviz workflow. I need different tools for different demands, as I discussed in my "Perfect Workflow" video, here:

So, can D5 make the cut? Do you think it will be easy for me to take a basic .fbx file and turn it into a finished rendering and/or animation in D5? Where could I see this tool being useful in my archviz workflow?

You'll have to watch the video to find out the answers to this and many other questions regarding D5.

Also, I would love to hear from you in the comments. Are you using D5, or can you see yourself using it in the future? Keep in mind you can use it for FREE! That will be a big deciding factor for many I think.

Check out the video and see if you think it is worth trying out! And, don't forget to download the .fbx that I use in the video if you would like to do some tests of your own.

Thanks for watching!


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