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Everything You Need To Know About a Career In Arch Viz

Last year I had the opportunity to participate in the ArchiMentors Summit. It gave me the opportunity to give a presentation about arch viz to people all around the world. The focus of my presentation was to get people excited about arch viz, share my story, explain what the daily job is like, and help offer advice about starting a career. I really tried to cover everything I have learned about the industry over the last two decades. I think it is a great resource for those looking to explore a career in the field.

Several years ago I also wrote an article called Learn Arch Viz: What Is It, and How Do I Do It? Ever since then, that article has been by far my most visited page on this website. There are so many people out there searching for how to get started in arch viz. It has connected me with many enthusiastic students, some of whom have gone on to get jobs in the industry after learning with me.

I consider the ArchiMentors presentation the video version of the article. It is me trying to condense all my knowledge down into a bitesize presentation that can be extremely helpful to people starting out. My hope is that it provides enough info and insight that it can prevent others from having to learn everything the hard way, like I did.

The videos from the presentation are available below (completely free) in 3 different parts. Enjoy!





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