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3ds Max

Start with basics of modelling, lighting and materials.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4

Render your projects in real time, or convert them to virtual reality.


Master your lighting, materials and rendering with this render engine


Every good 3d project needs a powerful image editing software

Learn 3d Software for arch viz

Professional arch viz work requires mastery of several different programs.  Above you will see free tutorials for the most important ones.  We have 3d courses for 3dsMax, Vray, Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4.  Here is a break down of what each one is used for:


  • 3dsMax - This is the main modeling software used in arch viz.  It is here that most professionals create the 3d models that will eventually become a finished render.  

  • Vray - Vray is the industry standard render engine for arch viz professionals.  Vray plugs into 3dsMax, and it is used for lighting, materials, and rendering of the 3d architectural models.

  • Photoshop - Photoshop has two main purposes when it comes to arch viz.  First, it is used to create and edit texture maps which are later applied to 3d surfaces in 3dsMax.  Second, it is used to post-process, or enhance the finished image generated out of Vray.

  • Unreal Engine 4 - UE4 is a newcomer to the arch viz workflow.  It is a real time game engine that enables architecture to be visualized in a real time, virtual environment.  When using real time, Max models will be exported to UE4, and UE4 will handle materials, lighting, and the actual rendering.


*Please visite the respective software pages above to view free tutorials and to learn more.



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