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Free 3d Models Optimized For Vray, And How To Make Them Yourself


As a 3d artist I a have always enjoyed a good piece of 3d furniture. I like the ones that are meticulously crafted with every detail. I also hate it when they are not properly optmized to work with Vray. fits the bill for everything I need. They are priced decently, and they are SUPER high quality. The best part is, they give away a bunch of their Vray models for free. Check them out here.

Sometimes, though, I need a custom chair that they just don't have. That is why I have been obsessing over how they create these awesome models. I have been working on a workflow, and I should have a tutorial soon. In the meantime, just go download all of theirs. Trust me, it is really good stuff.

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Learn The Software:

Unreal Engine 4


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