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Modeling High Poly 3d Furniture For Arch Viz - Adding Details Using 3dsMax Poly Tools

Many of you have probably seen models for sale around the internet from places like On this website they have they extremely organice looking, high-poly furniture that is also very effecient. By efficient I mean that they only have tessalation right where they need it, so it is high enough poly to show every wrinkle, but still low poly an areas that have no details. I really want to know how they achieve this. I suspect they make use of 3d scanning, retopo tools, and really good poly modeling. In an attempt to recreate their results, I have been doing some experimenting of my own. My latest video shows how you can use poly modeling, plus nice wrinkle maps, plus the displacement modifier to get nice wrinkles with efficient models. I haven't done enough research yet, but this video does show proof of concept. Have a look. Maybe it will inspire you to come up with your own techniques for making awesome furniture.

*This video, and any future experiments I do, will also be added to my pro course about modelling high poly furniture, available here: 3dsMax: Create 3d Furniture in 3dsMax for Selling Online . The course is still heavily discounted for now, but the price will go up on Dec. 1st.

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