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3ds Max + Vray Course: Furniture Modeling Masterclass

Here is one more snippet from my Furniture Modeling masterclass. This is just one of the many, many techniques that I am sharing and explaining in the course. I want the course to give you every skill, tool, and technique you need to make the best 3d furniture available. Check out this preview lecture. It demonstrates how to create an awesome photo real pillow in just a matter of seconds using the cloth modifier in 3ds Max.

Notes from course description:

The cloth modifier is great for creating really natural looking models relatively easily. In this case, it makes it extremely easy to create a realistic cushion. I explore this technique, plus many many more in my Furniture Masterclass course. There I use the cloth modifier, plus every other technique one would need to create awesome furniture. I also show you the proper workflows for getting high detail, but not so high polygon count. You've all seen those awesome furniture models out there on the internet. Now, learn to make them yourself. The course will also include a mudbox workflow for sculpting ultra high detailed assets for your scenes. Hope you like the preview lecture.

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