Learn VRay Materials Course: Making Complex 3d Materials With The Power of VRay

Here is a preview of my latest upcoming course, to be realeased sometime in the next month.

Many of my students (now almost 5,000) have been posting their work within the discussion boards of the classes. It has been great to see your work! Often times, the images are accomanied by the saying, "comments / critiques are welcome." Well, for me, the models usually look great, but one area that usually could use some improvement, and also makes a huge difference to sell an image, are the materials.

This course is designed to help you really get a strong grasp on how to use materials (including some of the more advanced settings) in order to really start to make your images shine. By the time you are done with this course, you will understand how the pros do it, and I hope that it will open up your eyes to the great power and versatility of VRay (and other render engines).

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