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Arch Viz Tutorial in Unreal Engine 4: Creating a Mirror

One benefit of being a member of one of my professional arch viz courses is that you get access to the instructor. In the case of my UE4 class, the instructor is me, obviously. So, when a student had a specific question about how to create a mirror in his architectural walkthrough, I took on the task. In turns out that UE4 doesn't have a really straightforward way to do this, but that didn't stop me. I did some research around the web, found that many people had similar questions, and that a lot of the answers were WAY beyond the scope of the beginners UE4 course. I finally tracked down a video in a Russian that showed a fairly simple workaround. I couldn't understand the guy, but I could watch what he was doing and try it out for myself. In the end, I did some exprimentation and ended up using a 3d cube scene capture actor, pluging the resulting cube map into the mirror material, and viola. It is not perfect, but is a good cheat. Once I figured this out, I promptly made a lecture describing the process and added it to the PRO course. The point of this story is, if you have questions, and you are a student of one of my courses, you can always ask in the forums and I WILL do my best to answer. Consider me your personal 3d tutor / technical support / career coach. For classes that start at a mere $10, I think that is a pretty good deal. See all my arch viz 3d courses here , and make sure to check out the UE4 tutorial below about creating a mirror for your architectural walkthroughs.

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