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Painting in Photoshop is Fun and Easy

Many of my readers are here because they are interested in arch viz. Arch viz is great because it uses the technical and the creative part of your brain. In the end, though, arch viz professionals are indeed artists. Often times they have various different creative outlets including, photography, painting, design, etc. For example, I created a children's book a few years back. It was originally for my kids enjoyment, but then I decided to publish it and make it commercially available. I created it entirely using my Wacom tablet and Photoshop. It was a great creative undertaking, and I really enjoyed "relaxing" by getting away from 3 dimensions and just focusing on brush strokes, color, lighting, etc. In short, I love painting in Photoshop. I think some of you might be interested in doing it as well, and that is why I made a course about it. It is a little bit lesser known than some of my arch viz classes, but it is a fun introduction to painting in Photoshop. In addition, you will learn some great Photoshop tips and tricks as you go along. Here is a little promo video for the course:

This video does a pretty good job of showing a few examples of what you can create. There is all sorts of info in the course about layers, masking, blending modes, and definitely custom brushes. If this is something you are interested in, click the link below to get it for a discounted price throughout this month (even more discounted than the regular member price).


If you are interested in checking out my children's book, you can check it out HERE -- it looks really good on kindle and only costs $.99

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