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Learn Poly Modelling in 3ds Max

As I have already mentioned here previously, I am currently working on a completely new course for people just beginning in 3d graphics. It is going to be called, 3ds Max: A Comprehensive Introduction to 3d Graphics Using Projects. I wanted to share this particular preview lecture from the course here, because it is one part of the course that really applies to arch viz as well. In fact, in this lecture we are learning how to poly model an arch viz object -- a desk lamp. Poly modelling using the built in 3ds Max tools is essential for every good arch viz artist. Some of you may have taken my furniture modelling course before, so you know how powerful poly modelling is, and how much practice it can take. This video will show you some of the basics, including but not limited to: graphite tools, swift loop, turbosmooth, symmetry modifier, extrude, bevel, edge loops, ring and loop selection and more.

Check this out if you are still trying to figure out the whole poly modelling thing, and feel free to share your creations with us on our facebook forum and gallery.

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