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Virtual Reality for Architecture Using UE4

Uhm...have you guys tried a virtual reality headset yet? No, not those cardboard things that your phone slides into, the real deal, like an HTC Vive or and Occulus Rift? Guys, I'm here to tell you that these things are awesome. It is not just that you can look around your entire project. It is that it is so immersive (if done right) that your brain actually believes it is in the space. If something falls on you, you will duck. If you look over an edge, you might feel a fear of heights. If you are in a cramped space, you will feel claustrophobic. It's crazy and you've got to try it. But what does all this have to do with arch viz? Well, as you probably already know, Unreal Engine 4 is totally free to use for arch viz purposes. This is awesome, because UE4 is incredibly powerful, and with it you can create your very own VR experiences. It is not gimmicky like some of the stuff you have seen. It is high-end graphics with a very robust and capable tool set. It is totally customizable. Like 3ds Max, the only limit will be your imagination.

Some of you may have seen my course on UE4 and using it for real time rendering, which it is also really good at, but they have now added the capability to really easily turn your arch viz scenes into an immersive VR experience. I have recently been adding lectures to my course to help you implement the VR. You have to try it.

I'm also working on some lectures about Blueprints, which is the scripting language built in to UE4. Don't be scared by the word "scripting." It is not so bad. I try to keep it simple, and by the time the lectures are complete, you will have a good understanding of how some scripting can really add life to your projects. Think lights turning on and off, doors opening when you grab them, changing materials in real time, etc.

Check out the newest videos from the course below:

And check out the special member price for the full course here.

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