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Learn UE4 For Arch Viz Virtual Reality -- FREE PREVIEWS

As I wrote about previously, I think Virtual Reality is awesome, and it is going to shake up the way we do arch viz a little bit. Really, as arch viz artists, it gives us a great opportunity to add an additional tool to our workflow and an awesome new product for our clients. For many clients, I believe it will eventually become the preferred mode of communication regarding their buildings.

Because of this expansion of interest in the VR field, my course on VR has become increasingly popular. For me, it has been great, but it should be great for you too. What it means is that I have been adding additional content that is extremely relevant to peoples needs. At first, the UE4 course was simply about real time rendering, but now I a have extended it to be more of a VR course. Also, I have added a bunch of additional content regarding how to use blueprints, specifically to do things like turn on and off lights, change materials dynamically, etc. These are things that I know arch viz artists want.

I am going to include some free previews of some of the new lectures here. You can get an idea of some of the things that are going on in the course, and perhaps learn some tips and tricks that you were unaware of. In order to see a bunch more free tutorials for UE4, or to look at the full PRO course, see here. Remember, the best way to get the full course is to become a member and follow the coupon links in the member area. It will give you a 70% discount. Enjoy the following videos as a free preview:

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