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Become better at sketching - Sketch Like an Architect!

Join this Skillshare and learn a step-by-step process how to sketch like an architect. It begins with the very basics of making straight lines and progresses to gradually more complex compositions of sketched perspectives. Along the way I will share important tips and tricks, drills, and techniques to achieve sketches with architectural look, strong character, and story within.

Use this link to the class and get 2 FREE months of a Premium Membership on Skillshare.

You will learn not only the sketching technique, but also about the thinking behind the process - e.g. why and how to add people to your sketches, how to create a sense of depth in an image, and much more.

This class is perfect for anyone interested in sketching or drawing. If you´re an architecture student, you´d like to capture the moments from your holidays, spaces around you, or you just like to doodle, then this class is just for you!

You don´t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great! So don´t worry, if you´re not super confident at sketching and give it a chance with this class. As a part of the class you'll get a 60-page PDF Handbook with 12 worksheets for practicing, 40 important tips & tricks, and many finished examples of sketches explaining the techniques.

Not interested in a Premium Membership for free? Then use this link to get a free access to the class.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your sketches! David Drazil

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