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Arch Viz Contest Winner Announcement

Thank you all for your submissions. I was genuinely pleased with the amount of participation and the quality of work that was submitted, and I have high hopes for even more great things to come with future contests.

There was one overall winner ($50 giftcard), and several honorable mentions, each of which will be eligible to publish a write-up of their work here on and have it shared with tens of thousands of people throughout my entire network!

Overall Winner:

Cameron Reid, USA

Cameron really made use of the latest technology with a very high quality VR experience, including interaction. As you can see the real time engine is fully capable of generating nice still shots as well. Overall, it is a very nicely done project that should WOW any client.

Honorable Mention:

These were all very good, professional looking projects that are worth showing off.

by member starkcenia - USA. 3ds Max + V-Ray

by member eudgir.arman - Bangladesh. 3ds Max + V-Ray + Photoshop

by member kruglik2006 - Russia. 3ds Max + Photoshop

I wish I could recognize many more of you here. Thanks for your participation and your submissions. There will be more competitions to come so keep up the good work.

*If you are one of the winners mentioned here and wish to do a write-up on your work for publishing, please contact me at

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