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Making VR Buttons / Menus

An interesting part of using VR for arch viz is figuring out how to navigate through your scene. There is the basic warping functionality, but what about if you want to jump to another level, exit the "game" altogether, or to simply make something happen by pressing something?

There are many different ways to handle these sorts of events. I have shown in previous lectures how to do it by walking into a trigger box (not great for VR), or by using the basic grab functionality built in to the Unreal Engine VR Template. Grabbing things doesn't make a lot of sense when you are actually trying to push a button.

In the video below I explore another method, which is more akin to traditional video game navigation, but instead of using your mouse to select something, you just point at it in VR. I explain the whole process of setting this up for yourself below. Check it out:

As always, if you find yourself a bit lost with some of things going on here, you might want to go back and check out all the previous lectures that this one is building upon. The full course can be found here.

Additional free videos about UE4 and arch viz can be found here.

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