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COMING SOON | New Advanced Courses. Prep Now!

This morning I am working on new advanced courses, coming to you later this year. My next two courses will be an advanced exterior arch viz project with 3ds Max and V-Ray, and an advanced realtime project from beginning to end. They will both go far beyond the basics, so make sure you have got those parts nailed down. In order to help you prep, I am offering all my other classes for just $9.99 until this Sunday at midnight.

Current Classes (click links to preview course or apply discount)

Techniques from all these different classes will be built upon in order to create advanced projects. Some skills that you will want to have a basic grasp of could include:

  • ​poly modeling in 3ds Max

  • post-processing in Photoshop

  • creating photoreal, custom textures

  • lighting techniques (V-Ray lights, hdri, etc)

  • basic realtime workflows

  • UE4 settings and UI navigation

  • blueprints

  • VR setup in UE4

  • basic interactions in UE4

  • UE4 lighting / material workflow

​Some additional skills these new courses can add:

  • advanced interactions with blueprints UE4

  • more advanced modeling

  • advanced photoreal textures V-Ray and UE4 (megascans, substance designer, etc)

  • advanced lighting techniques for V-Ray and UE4

  • advanced compositions

  • advanced post-processing with Photoshop

  • more

​What would you like to see included in these advanced courses? Comment below to give me feedback and influence course content.

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