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The Latest Arch Viz Tips and Tricks

Many of you probably know that I have a YouTube channel where you can find all my latest videos, but I want to spread awareness. Did you know that I have professional video tutorials on every arch viz subject, all free of course. Videos there range from UE4, to 3ds Max, Datasmith, Photoshop, After Effects, etc. Much like this website!

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the latest tips and tricks that have been shared on my Learn Arch Viz channel.

3ds Max + V-Ray: HDRI Workflow with V-Ray Dome Light

This video gives you a good breakdown of the technique for lighting an exterior scene using the V-Ray dome light with an HDRI map in V-Ray Next. It shows my whole process, and most importantly, how to get the lighting balance just right. Check it out to get some amazing lighting results. I also discuss where you can get some great HDRIs for free to try it out yourself.

This is, of course, one lecture from a much larger course called Advanced Arch Viz Exteriors. You can get into the full course by going to the PRO courses section of this page (member discount applied)

UE4: Basic Main Menu Blueprint for Arch Viz

As I have said many time here before, I think real time rendering is eventually going to take over the entire industry, and eventually supplant static render engines like V-Ray as the most commonly used technique. The added bonus to real time is that it can be interactive, or viewed in VR. That means that we, as artists, will need to also learn some basic computer programming. UE4 makes that super easy with Blueprints, the proprietary visual scripting language.

This blueprint tutorial shows how to use blueprints to create the most basic of menus in UE4, to simply exit a game. The good thing is that it gives you all the tools necessary to create a menu that can do all sorts of more exciting things.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tips and tricks session, and I hope this little tutorials can help you with the little things in your arch viz workflow that need help.

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