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New Twinmotion Course Now Available (Prelim Pricing)

Learn Twinmotion for Architectural Visualization

Get the full course HERE for the preliminary price of $9.99 (5 days only)

Over the last Learn Arch Viz has released 3 new courses, all in new software that hasn't been taught here before. This Twinmotion course is the latest one. If you haven't downloaded Twinmotion, make sure and do it now while it is still free.

The above video shows one of the main reasons I like Twinmotion as a software, BIMmotion. When you combine quick and easy VR from any 3d model, with a vast library of assets and realtime renderings / animations, you have a pretty good tool, and that doesn't even touch on the added power that would be available if a bridge to UE4 ever became available (UE4 and Twinmotion are now part of the same company). I wrote more about my thoughts on Twinmotion, and what role it will play in my workflow moving forward, below in a previous youTube description. Check it out, and make sure to check out the full course too:

"More and more of architectural visualization is becoming real time and VR. Twinmotion is an interesting software in that realm, because it has the potential of tying a few things together that are currently separated by gaps in software. In arch viz, there is definite need for quick, iterative renderings that tell the story of the concept. Lumion, Twinmotion and Enscape are all very good at this, especially if you already have a SketchUp Model or a Revit model. I call these "design renderings." Photorealism is not necessarily the goal, but rather communicating ideas very quickly. *These software can still approach photorealism with some extra effort.

Aside from that, there is a need for polished images. I call these "visualizations." They usually strive for photorealism, and representing as accurately as possible what the finished product will look like. The illustrations are often works of art in the their own right, intended to evoke an emotion, or make people want to sign a lease! Composition, lighting, color, etc. all become more essential to the finished product, like taking a high quality photograph of a virtual space.

The processes of design renderings and visualizations require software with different strengths, and therefore, there has never been a perfect one size fits all for both products. Twinmotion has the potential to bridge that gap a little bit. That is because it is now owned by Epic Games, who makes UE4. UE4 is not simple to use or learn, but in the hands of a skilled person, it can give amazing results. On the other hand, Twinmotion is very easy to learn, but has a harder time creating stunning visuals. Since both software programs are owned by the same people now, presumably there will be a bridge from one to the other in the near future. That way, you can use Twinmotion to quickly and easily design, then bridge to UE4 to create your finished visualizations. This would be a big deal, and it is why I am very interested to see the future of Twinmotion.

In this lecture, you will simply see the awesome results you can get with the Twinmotion BIMmotion export, and some of the settings associated with it. As you will see, Twinmotion has a great built-in VR capability, along with still shot renderings and animation."

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