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How To Add Atmosphere To Your Rendering in Photoshop (free project download)

Hey there!

I wanted to let you know that I posted a full breakdown video of this project, with explanation of some of the techniques I used in 3ds Max / VRay, but also a full walkthrough of what I did in Photoshop to enhance the atmosphere of the scene.

Below is the full YouTube description:

Here I do a little breakdown of one of my latest renderings, starting in Max / V-Ray showing how I set up the model and the atmospheric fog effect. Most of the video, however, is in Photoshop showing how I took the rendering and render elements and really enhanced the atmosphere of the rendering, specifically using fog and atmospheric perspective to create more depth. I make use of a few different render channels to add interest. You can see the whole process in the video, but also you can download the Photoshop file for yourself and experiment. follow the links above.
If you are interested in my full 3d environments course (where this forest model comes from) you can find that with the links above as well, and follow along with me using tools like Megascans and Forest Pack to really make some exciting environments to showcase your architectural models.

If you are interested in downloading and experimenting with the Photoshop file and layers yourself, to see what you can do to add some nice atmosphere, just go to my resources page for the download.


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