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Megascans Trees | Create Awesome Forest Scenes in Unreal Engine 5

As you probably know, I make professional courses with all sorts of archviz content. One of my most recent projects was a brand new forest scene in Unreal Engine 5. One of the great tools that I found for that project and used extensively, was the Megascans Trees. Here, in this video, I offer a preview from my course -- the lecture all about how to implement and use these Megascans Trees. I find them to be extremely useful and versatile, and I think you will see from my project previews that they look quite nice. They are also highly adaptable for any situation you need them in. They are also FREE, at least if you have your proper Quixel account setup to work with Unreal Engine. Super high quality trees that render very nicely, and that can be adjusted parametrically, all for free? Yes please. Watch my latest video and learn everything you need to know right now to start using these trees today.

*get the full course by going HERE


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