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New 3ds Max Poly Modeling Course Released

I am happy to say that I have released a brand new course called 3ds Max: Poly Modeling Projects from Beginner to Advanced.

It is available both on Udemy and in my own Learn Arch Viz marketplace. Of course, as usual, it is available at a preliminary price to begin with, so now is a good time to grab it (lifetime access) even if you want to just save it for later.

*see all my pro courses HERE


In conjunction with the new course, I am releasing select preview tutorials for your enjoyment. The one below is about a skill I am asked about regularly -- UVW unwrapping.

Video description from YouTube:

UVW unwrapping is one of the things I am asked about more than anything else. To many it seems very mysterious, especially if you are using the standard 3ds Max tools. In this video I attempt to break down and simplify it in a way that makes sense. I have been perfecting my workflow for a long time, and it works especially well for furniture for arch viz. That is when/where I use it ALL THE TIME! It is a great thing to understand, as it allows you to apply custom painted maps just how you want them onto your models. It can add so much realism!
One of the hardest things about UVW unwrapping is the strange UI, with a bunch of new buttons, commands and hotkeys that are foreign to most of us familiar with working in 3ds Max. I will show you the essential tools that you need to know as I demonstrate on a custom chair model.
The other hard part is just workflow -- like when to do what. I will show that process as well and hopefully share something that will help you in your workflow (which could definitely be a little bit different than mine)
Overall, I think this should be a helpful demonstration tutorial for anyone who is wanting to get more familiar with the UVW unwrapping process for their custom models.
This, of course, is part of a much larger course. The course this comes from is a collection of tutorials/projects going over all the various techniques and workflows for poly modeling in Max. Check the link above to create this chair right along with me, as well as other poly modeling projects in 3ds Max.

Here is some of the info about the new course:


In this course you will learn the basics of poly modeling in 3ds Max, and then continue into advanced techniques and projects.


Poly modeling is an extremely powerful tool within the world of 3d graphics. It gives an artist the capability to create any kind of form they can imagine -- from simple, to highly intricate and organic.


Hi, my name is Adam Zollinger and I have been teaching on Udemy for about 8 years. I have about 100,000 students worldwide and teach on the subject of 3d graphics, having 20 years of professional experience in that field.

Specifically, I am an architectural visualization artist (arch viz) so a lot of the poly modeling is done from that perspective, but the skills translate to all aspects of 3d, and these techniques can be used to create any kind of object, whether for architecture or sci-fi, etc.


In this course, students can start with a basic introduction to the principles of poly modeling. If this is too basic, students are encouraged to jump right into the projects. To start, there are 3 different projects (ranging from easy to advanced), with each project building new skills and using new tools and techniques to build your foundation in poly modeling. By the end, students will be modeling a photo realistic piece of furniture to add to their library of assets. We will also discuss UVW unwrapping in the advanced project, so students will understand how to setup their models for custom materials.


If you are interested in learning a new 3d skill, or enhancing your existing ones, I hope you will join me in the course. Myself and my teacher's assistant will be around in the Q&A section to address questions and help you along your way. Poly modeling is such a great way to "level up" your arch viz or other 3d projects. Once you unlock this skill, the only limit on what you can model using 3ds Max is your imagination. I designed this course to cut through all the mysterious stuff, and give the essentials, so if you are ready to jump into poly modeling right away, join now!

Can't wait to see you in class!

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