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PREVIEW LECTURES: Ultimate Exteriors Course (V-Ray 5 Update 2)

With V-Ray making big improvements to their software, I wanted to make sure and integrate the latest tools, tips and tricks into some of my older courses. So, I have been adding new and updated projects to those courses using all the latest and greatest that V-Ray has to offer.

First, I have been focusing on two courses, but the rest will follow throughout this year (UE4 has been making huge improvements too). One of the really cool things about arch viz is that you can never stop learning. It makes the job fun, exciting and fresh!

The two courses I have been focusing on are these:

  • 3ds Max + Vray: Ultimate Architectural Exteriors

  • 3ds Max & Vray: Advacned Arch Viz Interior Projects

Above you can see some of the preliminary images I have been generating from my new interiors/exteriors projects, and below you can find 3 preview lectures from my new exteriors project.

*To download the models from these courses, you can go to my resources area. There you can find these project models, my insiders guide, my free furniture model collection, and a bunch more stuff.

To learn more about this course, you can go to my pro courses area or find me on Udemy. This content is already available in the course. You can also find info about the interiors course, which will have the new project added within the next month.

*Currently these two courses are available as a bundle with 2 other courses as well. The bundle is available at 80% off for the first 20 students! See if there are any more spots available here.


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