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UE5 Is Awesome, But Is This A Better Option For Archviz?

I made a new video in my continued effort to explore various different real time solutions for archviz rendering. This time I am looking at Chaos Vantage and how it compares to something like UE5 (Check out the UE5 videos HERE).

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above and let me know what you think of Chaos Vantage.

Here is my full description of the video from YouTube:

In this video I am excited to explore Chaos Vantage, and discover whether it is "the best" solution for real time rendering when it comes to Archviz. I have done a couple of UE5 videos recently, discussing the awesome real time raytracing in there and what it means for the future of arch viz, but this time I wanted to look at a different solution -- one that may feel much more familiar to archviz artists.

Vantage is made by Chaos, so it works seamlessly with the tools that a lot of us are already familiar with...namely, 3ds Max + Vray. This is obviously a huge advantage. Also, there is basically no learning curve, as you will see in the video. You will be up and running with Vantage in 5 minutes, I promise. It is not complicated. However, the quality is very high. The renderings and animations that it can produce are exactly equivalent to Vray GPU rendering within 3ds Max. In other words, they look really good.

So, how does it compare to something like UE5? Well, essentially, they are not really the same thing. Similar tools and technology, but one is really made for creating games, and the other is made for giving quick feedback on visuals only. Each of them shines in their respective areas. It brings up a question, though. Which one is the best solution for arch viz? Or, is it both for different applications. Well, I discuss in the video. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.


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