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[Video] 3ds Max + UE5 Speed Build | Cinematic Animation

It makes me feel like more of an artist than a technician!

I made a quick project, just for fun, using the 3ds Max to Unreal Engine workflow via Datasmith, and I love it. In this case I just made a very basic and quick model in 3ds Max, with the help of a fantastic content library -- Vray Cosmos. All the Vray materials and proxies come in perfectly when using Datasmith, and then Unreal Engine does the rest of the heavy lifting. Of course, I make heavy use again of another fantastic content library in Unreal -- Megascans.

The combo of all these things create a workflow that can go from nothing, to a pretty dramatic cinematic animation in really just a few hours -- if it had not been for a major hiccup along the way, but you'll have to watch the video for that. Overall, adding detail to a model, dialing in the lighting, and animating cameras all feel amazing in Unreal Engine. It all happens at like 30 frames per second, so it is highly intuitive and creative to compose cinematic shots. It makes me feel like more of an artist than a technician! Check out the video to see the process:


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