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Will UE5 Change Arch Viz Forever?

I've got answers! Or, at least an opinion. Check out my latest video below where I dive into some UE5 experimentation, search for answers, and put some the Unreal Engine claims to the test.

I would love to know your feedback on the video. Comment on YouTube to contribute to the discussion. Also, let me know what else you would like me to explore in UE5.

Here is the full description from the video:

A while back I did a reaction video to the reveal video of UE5. At the time, I was absolutely blown away by the claims Epic Games was making, but also by the sample project they were showing. For years now I have been saying that as software gets better, and more fully takes advantage of advancing hardware technology (GPUs), real time rendering is going to replace V-Ray CPU rendering to large extent. Rendering in real time is just so intuitive and fun, and people love fast results/feedback. Well...the UE5 Reveal video made a lot of claims that seemed to really advance us towards that goal. Namely, they said they had figured out solutions to these two major hurdles: real time ray tracing, and managing poly counts. They called the solutions Lumen and Nanite, respectively.

So, now that I have finally gotten around to test some of this stuff out -- UE5 has had a preview version out for a while now -- it is time to put the claims to the test.

In this video I explore in UE5 a little bit and get my feet wet with the new UI (very similar to UE4) and some of the new features. Mostly I wanted to test out Lumen, Nanite and the Megascans library, which has also become a big part of Unreal Engine's appeal moving forward, IMO.

By the end of the video I had figured out some basic ways to test out the features that I was looking for, and I got some interesting results without much trouble at all. Watch the video to the end to see my impressions of the software.

As you're watching, I have questions for you:

  • Have you started using real time rendering in your workflow?

  • What software/workflow do you use?

  • Do you think that UE5 is a game changer?

  • Do you think real time ray tracing has really arrived at this point?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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