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3ds Max + Unreal Engine: Easy Real Time For Arch Viz

Hey Everybody,

A lot of you have been excited about real time and virtual reality type stuff. I have finally finished my course about this subject, and it I show you how to easily turn your 3ds Max projects (or any other kind of 3d project) into a real time walkthrough. It easy, fast and free with Unreal Engine 4. But don't spend all your time trying to fumble around on the internet trying to learn a complex new program. Just join the course -- it is only $5 for the next few days -- and I will cut through the learning curve for you. In a few hours you will get the essentials to start working on your own projects in real time. We'll even cover how to export photoreal animations from real time software. 5 seconds of animation equals just 5 seconds of render time. It is pretty awesome, so check out the course now for the introductory price:

*Valid until 1/31/2015 or for first 100 claims

Full price will be $34 after that, but you can always get the member discount ($15) here:


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Learn The Software:

Unreal Engine 4


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