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Vray Course: Adding Carving and Architectural Details To Furniture and Moldings

Awhile back I posted the above tutorial about using mudbox to sculpt displacement and normal maps. This is a very fast and effective way of creating designs for architectural detail in a 3d scene. As a follow up, I wanted to also post another tutorial. This one shows how to take that map that has been exported from Mudbox, then take it into 3dsMax and Vray, and make use of it with the Vray displacement modifier. Here is the follow up video, all about Vray displacement:

In this video you will learn exactly how to put the Vray displacement modifier to work.

Using these two videos together, you should be able to get really nice results. Think about the possibilities with your furniture! This makes it so fast to start carving in 3d details to things, adding much more interest and realism to your scene. Vray displacement is easy to learn, easy to use, and it renders fast. Since poly-modeling these details would take some serious time, Vray displacement really offers a nice alternative for architectural visualization artists.

In order to see how I have applied these techniques in real projects, check out my furniture modeling course. It contains info about modeling using a Mudbox to 3dsMax workflow. It also shows how to create / paint custom Vray textures, poly model in 3dsMax, use cloth modifier in 3dsMax to make quick models, manually model perfect wrinkles in your furniture cushions, and a bunch of other techniques. Go to the member area to get a huge discount on the furniture course.

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