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UE4 Is Becoming My New Go-To Program For Arch Viz

It is amazing how fast the industry is changing right now. For years it has been 3ds Max + V-Ray as the industry standards for all things arch viz. This powerful combo is not going away, but their is a new player in the game now that continues to occupy more and more of my time.

Why rely on a still shot rendering when you can now walk through completely interactive renderings instead?

This shift isn't just happening for me, it is happening around the industry, and software companies are taking note. In the last few weeks I have released several videos outlining some of the new software that is meant to specifically target arch viz artists, and shift them more into the realm of interactive "game" artists, using real time rendering as their go-to tool.

Check out some of the videos below. There are videos for Epic Games' Unreal Studio with Datasmith (Now in Beta) and also V-Ray for Unreal Engine (also in Beta):

I will updating my PRO course in the upcoming days with the full datasmith workflow to take your existing V-Ray projects into realtime fast and efficiently. There is no easier way to get photoreal VR walkthroughs for arch viz. Join the PRO course here (currently being offered at huge discount).

Let me know your thoughts on where the industry is going, what you think of realtime technologies in arch viz, and what kind of stuff you want to be learning. Comment Below.

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