New Lectures: Realtime Rendering/VR For Your SketchUp Models With UE4

A lot of students have asked me if the methods taught in my Unreal Engine course can also be used with SketchUp. The answer is a definite YES! Epic Games has come out with Datasmith for SketchUp, which makes the connection between SketchUp and Unreal Engine seamless and easy.

To demonstrate this, I have added some new lectures to my UE4 PRO course that show how you can easily take your SketchUp Model to UE4 in just a matter of minutes. From there, you have the option to navigate in VR, generate photorealistic still shots, or even create animations almost instantly. It is a great way to take your SketchUp models to a whole other level. Check out the first 2 videos from the new lecture series below.

Check out my other UE4 tutorials HERE.

Become a member of to get the full course at a huge discount.

Download the SketchUp Model that goes with these videos HERE.

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