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Lumion For Architectural Visualization: New Course Coming Soon

In an effort to bring architectural visualization to even more people, will soon be bringing you professional training in Lumion. The course will start from the very beginning, so you don't need to have any previous knowledge. Even so, the best part about Lumion is that within a couple of hours, you should be able to create your own photorealistic images. In the course, you will start with a provided SketchUp model and have it looking like the image in the teaser video in no time. Or, if you want to completely change the look of it, you can do that too, easily and instantly. That's the power of realtime rendering and a user friendly UI. If you're not familiar with Lumion and how it works, keep reading below.

Lumion is an interesting architectural visualization tool that has not touched upon before. It is a real time software built on top of a game engine similar to Unreal Engine. The advantage, though, is that it has a simple UI, and a vast library of models (plants, trees, people, etc) built in. The learning curve on Lumion is such that it can be learned quickly and easily by architects, visualization artists, or anyone. The best part is that in the right hands, it can approach similar quality to some of much more advanced workflows, like 3ds Max + V-Ray. The ability to achieve photorealistic renderings with realtime with ease is a very powerful tool, and Lumion is leading the way on that effort. Overall, this is an exciting tool that anyone can use, so I am excited to help you add it to your toolbox, and to see what you can create with it.

Become a member of to stay tuned for when this course is released. Members will have access to early bird pricing!

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