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Lumion for Architectural Visualization


Why should you care about using Lumion for Architectural Visualization?

Well, even if you already know other modelling or rendering software, I believe Lumion still has a place in the architect's toolbox. It is incredibly valuable for quick, iterative design renderings that go a long way to help designers design, and clients to understand that design.

Check out the video above for some more preview of the upcoming Lumion course.

Also, stay tuned for the preliminary pricing of the course, which should be available for learnArchViz readers early next week. (Just $9.99) *Available Now Here

Here is the description from YouTube on this video:

This is a little introduction to Lumion, and an argument for why it should be used in architectural visualization. In the past, I have focused solely on higher end solutions, like 3ds Max + V-Ray, but in the industry I have seen an increasing desire for fast, iterative design, and Lumion really delivers on just that. In my opinion, of the real time rendering solutions out there, Lumion comes the closest to something that can generate photorealistic renderings, while also being extremely easy to learn and use.

If you have Revit models or SketchUp models that need to visualized / rendered in a much more appealing way (and what architect doesn't need this?) Lumion is a fantastic solution.

Stay tuned for's latest course, all about creating photorealistic renderings in just a matter of a few hours (from scratch!) with Lumion. No prior knowledge necessary.

Besides being real time, Lumion also has many other features that make it very nice for quick, easy photorealism for arch viz: - livesync to other 3d modeling software (SketchUp!, Rhino, etc) - huge library of photoreal assets that can be added to your scene via drag and drop

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