SketchUp + Photoshop For Architectural Visualization: Digital Watercolor Renderings

Learn Arch Viz is happy to announce another partner instructor, this time Scott Baumberger of You may be familiar with Scott's work from around the web. Over the years he has developed a unique digital watercolor look and technique for his renderings. These renderings are also sometimes referred to as NPR (non-photorealistic) or a "no plugin" workflow.

Now, in partnership with, Scott is offering his entire technique in video format, from start to finish! You can follow along and easily create the image you see above buy nothing but a provided SketchUp Model and Photoshop. You can follow right along with Scott and glean from his many years of experience in the industry.

So, if you are a SketchUp enthusiast, looking for a way to generate sketchy renderings from your models, or if you just want to enhance your digital illustration skills by learning some of Scott's Photoshop tricks, check out the FULL COURSE. Below you can find a free sample lecture:

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