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Can I Recreate My Vray Scene in UE5 in under 1 hr?

In my latest video, I explore what it is like to recreate one of my Vray scenes, but this time in a reimagined way with UE5. To figure this out, I gave myself a challenge to try and figure it out in real time, and I only gave myself 1 hour to do it. Do you think it can be done? Check out the video to see, and let me know what you think of my final results and analysis.

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With the release of this video, and with the release of UE5, I wanted to offer more courses for sale, so that everyone has a chance to learn the skills being demonstrated. So, I have put the 3d Environments course on sale (10 coupons available), where the original Vray scene comes from, and also my Unreal Engine for Archviz course (new content coming soon) again with 10 more coupons. Check out the deals below:

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I continue to be interested in archviz workflows, and what the future looks like for archviz. What tools are the most effective at telling the story of our designs? After all, that is our ultimate goal, right?

To help answer these questions, I issued myself a little challenge. I took my Vray forest scene from my 3d environments course (on sale above) and attempted to recreate a similar project, but this time using Unreal Engine -- UE5. Unlike some of my other videos, I was not trying to do a side by side comparison of Vray results vs UE5, but rather I was trying to reimagine the same project in a completely different way -- using realtime navigation and realtime rendering tools in UE5. My rules for the challenge were this:

  • Create environment from scratch in UE5

  • Use existing Vray Cabin and Import with Datasmith

  • Lighting / Rendering / Environment effects in UE5

  • Complete the project in under 1 hour

Check out the video to see how it goes. Do you think I can do it? Do you think the results will be good? Watch until the end, then you be the judge. I want to know what you think of the results, my process, and UE5 in general.

Hopefully, while watching the video you will pick up on some tips for you can possibly use UE5 in your workflow. Or, maybe you already are, and you've got some tips for me! Either way, let me know.

I have more experiment / exploration videos coming soon, so make sure to like and subscribe to keep the videos coming. What other software would you like me to check out?


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