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I Tried Midjourney AI and the Results Were Stunning! What Does It Mean?

Well, I finally checked out what all the fuss is about regarding artificial intelligence art and Midjourney. First impression -- blown away! I can't believe what this AI can generate. Some of the imagery is simply awesome, and it happens so quickly. It is definitely an addictive experience, but it also really got me thinking..."what does all this mean?" The implications of this seem like they'll be widespread.

I made an extensive video about my first impressions, my thoughts about where I think it is going, how it will impact my industry as well as other artists, etc. Also, the video includes instruction for all of you to get up and running with Midjourney right away for free. I definitely think you should. I would love to know your thoughts.

Here is what I cover in the video:

  • what is Midjourney?

  • how you can start using Midjourney right now, and generating stunning AI imagery

  • what it means for my industry and for artists in general

  • I go head to head against the AI bot

  • what I think it can be used for effectively

  • the ethics of using it

  • and more

Check it out. I think you will find it just as interesting as I did.


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Learn The Software:

Unreal Engine 4


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