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Photoshop AI Is Here! See It In Action With My Latest Video

You're probably going to want to check out the new AI in Photoshop, specifically the generative fill tool. I mean, we've already had content-aware fill in Photoshop for a a long time, but this definitely goes way beyond that. It is capable now of creating entire new images or works of art within whatever area you have selected. Of course, it can enhance your existing image too with new imagery.


I think the integration of AI into an extremely widely used software like Photoshop will have some important implications for archviz and the design community, including making AI much more accessible and widespread, but also in dramatically changing workflows -- hopefully making them faster and more efficient.


  • One of the coolest things about it is that it is non-destructive. AI generated elements are created on their own layer w/mask, and can be adjusted by adding new prompts, switching through different variations of the generative fill, etc.

  • It is very good at filling in gaps in your image, like contextual fill, but now it can generate image out of thin air basically, filling huge gaps with whatever you can imagine. Also, as you see in the video, that means that by replacing contextual fill with generative fill, it is now possible to fill in huge areas an image very well, and it can match and mimic its surroundings very well. It basically can be used as content-aware fill on steroids.


In my quick experimentation, it worked very well at taking a rendering done in portrait proportions and converting it to landscape proportions by easily filling in the large blank spaces on either side of the image. This is amazing in and of itself, but it also brings up many other potential possibilities. I'm thinking about things like backgrounds -- it can completely generate one from scratch, but also if you have one that is has holes in it or is not complete...just generative fill it!

Think about what this could do for a texture map workflow. I need to experiment more with that part, and maybe some improvements are still needed there, but imagine how nice it would be for AI to fill gaps in images to make them tileable for example. Or if you could just prompt it to make all your PBR maps from a single layer. All these things would be pretty cool, and could save tons of time. I'm confident that with this being widely available, we will quickly start to see all sorts of innovative ways to use it.


Check out my video and experimentation with this new tool and see what you think. Also, I'll show you how you can be up and running with it in just a matter of moments, so start experimenting!


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