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Real Time Cinematic Animations with UE4 - (free UE4 project download)

What you are seeing in the above video is a real time rendering, meaning the video is 22 seconds long, therefore, it took 22 seconds to render. Why does that matter, you might be wondering? Well, in the recent past, an animation of this quality might have taken 55 hours (5 min. per frame X 30 frames per second X 22 seconds)! Yikes! Real time rendering has changed all of that, and UE4 has made real time readily available to the masses. The quality isn't perfect, but it looks pretty nice all things considered. What are your thoughts on what this means for the future of arch viz?

If you want to try out some animations for yourself, and land yourself a free chair model -- not the one seen here, but one from my premium models collection -- then follow the links to the downloads section of this site. I'm excited to see what kind of animations you can create. Also, check my live stream below of me animating in real time.

Please comment below on what you think of real time animation. Have you tried it before? Do you like it? Do you think it will change the industry?

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