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Changing Materials in Interactively In Real Time

In Architectural Visualization, it is often necessary to visualize many options quickly and effectively. This gives the client great feedback and helps them to make good decisions that they are comfortable with. It also helps to designers to properly visualize their ideas. This is why real time is so powerful. It makes it possible to do this in an unprecedented way, making it so much faster and even interactive. Watch the video below where I demonstrate some of the possibilities using Unreal Engine 4 and real time technology for architectural visualization.

Youtube Description:

"This lecture is part of my advanced UE4 architectural visualization project course. If you join up to the course, you will have the whole model and accompanying project files. Here I am using this tutorial to demonstrate how you can interactively & dynamically change materials in Unreal Engine. We use a simple technique of setting up a dummy blueprint that holds an array of variables. These variables are set to equal the collection objects we want to change the material of. We then cycle through each object in that array and dynamically change its material. Check out the tutorial to see the whole process and to follow along.

You may have seen an earlier video using an entirely different technique for doing dynamic color changes. This technique differs in that it can change entire materials of an object, rather than just adjusting a color parameter.

This is the basic structure of a blueprint that can do this. It can be greatly expanded from here using the same principles. This is a great sample blueprint in UE4 to learn some basic principles from. It also fills the need for a very commonly needed interactive function in UE4 for architectural visualization."

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